(10PCS/LOT) TK4100(EM4100) RFID 125khz 3M Stickers Coins 25mm Smart Tags Read-only Access Control Cards


Product Specification and Material
1.High quality pvc material
2.Frequency: 125 KHz
3.Size: 25mm x 1mm
Product Feature
1.Chip:TK4100(Compatible EM4100)
2.Operating Frequency: 125KHz
3.Working type:Read-only
4.Reading distance:1-5cm
5.Reading speed:1-2ms
6.Operating Temperature:-20c-85c
7.Endurance:>100,000 times;
8.The shell is made by excellent anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant material.RF chip is sealed in,filling the epoxy resin,and use ultrasonic to weld
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