125khz Em4305 RFID 25mm Rewritable Coin


​notice: EM4305 does not support “H I D” format; Support FDX-B Tag,EM-ID Card.
notice again:If you are not a professional, you only hope that this tag can be used to write ID data, I suggest you choose T5577 chip.


Because of the coin antenna is smaller, some R/W devices can read the coin but can not write data.It is recommended to use a desktop R/W reader(NOT Handle R/W Coppier).

To avoid unnecessary disputes.This product can only guarantee the use of writing device in our shop.

R/W Device:


Don’t buy this coin, if you’re using “Handle R/W Coppier” There are some customers who buy products and feedback that can’t be written. so all products will be written to the number to indicate that the product can be written.


Chip: EM4305 Writable RFID
Diameter: 25mm
Material: PVC+ Adhensive sticker
Operation frequency: 125Khz
Readable and writable
Detecting distance: 3-10cm
Compatible with Door Entry system
Easy to carry
Water resistant
It applies to access control, hotel locks, staff attendance and school campus access and payment control, identification and security systems, parking lot entry and payment, social security management, transportation payment, municipal and ancillary service payment

Notice: Please refer to the following picture when buying

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