1pcs/lot RFID anti-Theft shielding NFC information anti-theft shielding card Gift Shielding Module anti-theft blocking card


This product is sold on a limited scale.Activities are limited to black five and five days.After the event, the original price is restored.Only one card can achieve shielding effect.The two best.
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If you need a quantity of 100-1000pcs, you can contact us we will give you the best discount, the most favorable price, discount promotion limited to three days

Product Feature:
Size: 85.5*54mm
Color: black or white
Blocking range: LF/HF/UHF Function:Block signal
Tickness: 0-1mm
Samples: Available
Application: Protect bank card/IC card/Smart card
Printing: Custom design printed

The blocking card is the size of a credit card that is designed to protect personal information stored on smart cards, such as credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, passports, membership cards and so on.

Most bank cards, bus cards, membership cards and certificates (passports) use RFID technology to store information in 13.56 MHz high-frequency. So,the personal information inside the cards can be stolen through NFC mobile phones or other readers.
Compared with the anti-theft wallet of RFID, a shield card can protect the information security of bank card at low cost and effectively prevent the risk of theft and leakage of privacy information. And the cost of the shielded card will be greatly reduced compared with the shielded card wallet.
Our shielding cards use a combination of special circuit boards and absorbing materials to make our shielding cards much more effective than ordinary shielding cards.

Product display:

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