2×2 Video wall controller for 4 LCD TV,TV wall processor for 4 unit USB+HDMI HDMI With Fully-digital Processing Chann TuuKoo


2×2 TV wall controller for 4 unit


2. Product descriptions
TK-M04 is a high-definition 2×2 LCD video wall controller, can be connect 4 LCD TV or projector. 4 HDMI signals output connect 4 LCD TV or other display unit.can be customized 1×2 1×3 1×4 2×1 2*2, 3×1, 4×1 model。The product uses high definition processing chip to support the input and output of 1080P . it supports 1 USB and 1 HDMI inputs, and the input signals can be switched to the large screen for splicing display, and the audio output is synchronized with the corresponding video.The user is simpler and more intuitive in the process of splicing the processor,Infrared remote control and chassis key control are designed in the product。The user carries out one button quick control and full function control through the button or remote control;The operation is more humanized and simpler。
3. Product features
3.1、Four picture stitching function
TK-M04 Splicing LCD processor support 4 HDMI signal output,and can connect the four LCD TV or other display devices such as projector, DLP, plasma display unit.The four display units join together to form a super large picture。We can according to user needs, customized 1×2 1×3 1×4 2×1 2*2, 3×1, 4×1。
3.2、Input signal
TK-M04 Splicing LCD processor support l HDMI and 1 USB total 2 signal input, and the input video signal can be synchronized with audio output and realize splicing display。
3.3、Mirror Function
TK-M04 support for each display unit to a 180 degree mirror flip. When the user uses common LCD TV splicing, the upper LCD TV is turned 180 degrees, which greatly reduces the splicing gap of liquid crystal, and reduces the distortion caused by the large side seam of the image:
before overturn after overturn
3.4、Edge shielding function
All the tiled display units have a certain physical gap, and in the case of no edge shielding function, the image will appear visually pulling the open image, feeling very unnatural; after the edge shielding treatment of the image without deformation, stretch, visual more natural and realistic。Compare the pictures before and after the edge shield;
without edge shielding after edge mask processing
3.5、U disk playback function
TK-M04 TV wall controller can realize USB playing and splicing function. Users in the realization of the basic function of LCD splicing, and then realize simple video or picture format splicing playback, only need to our product USB interface insert a U disk can be achieved, without the need to configure a computer or other playback equipment, simple and practical.USB can support some commonly used videos, pictures, MP3, TXT documents;TK-M04 Splicing LCD processor can support video playback can be selected or select; support all video round robin play / pause, fast forward, program list and other functions;
3.6、Remote control function and easy to control
The remote controller is specially designed for TK-M04, and the functions of the splicer are completely corresponding to the remote control button, and the remote control is not in the market. Red bag remote control can complete the mosaic processor settings, switching, adjustment of all the functions, and the use of ultra sensitive design, remote control distance of 7 to 10 meters.
3.7,Multiple modes
4.Product pictures
5. Product picture
6、Technical specifications


Supported Standards

Video input

HDMI input

HDMI1.3 DVI1.0,HDMI embedded audio;


USB 2.0 Port;

Support video, pictures, MP3, TXT format playback;

Support video coding format:

Mpeg1,2,4 (1920*1080@30P and below);

Divx, Xvid (1920*1080@30P and below);

RM, RMVB (1920*1080@25P and below);

H.264 (1920*1080@30P and below);

VC-1 (1920*1080@30P and below);

MJPEG (640*480@30P).

Video output

HDMI output

4 way HDMI output, 1920x1080P/60HZ、1280×720/60HZ、1024×768@60HZ

Audio output

3.5 audio interface, support left and right channel stereo, audio and video signal synchronization switch;


control mode

Remote control, chassis keys

Power supply


Splicing scale

Simple type four stitching

power consumption


Chassis specification

Chassis size




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