BIOAQUA Fashion Air Cushion BB Cream Perfect Flawless Nude Make-up Cosmetic Liquid Foundation Moisturizer Oil Control Face Cream


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Beautiful face

Light flawless scrolling BB cream

Easily scroll Flawless Skin

Anytime anywhere convenient fast on the makeu

Brand name: BIOAQUA

Net content:30g

Use part: face

Skin type: any skin

Color type:

Nature color, Ivory white color, and light beige color

Shelf life: 3 years

Main Ingredients: pearl powder, liquorice extract, hyaluronic acid, etc


1. Well moisturizing skin

2. The cream has a little bit shimmer effect for brighten the dull skin color.

It makes your makeup looks even brighter and clear

3. Help cosmetic makeup effect lasting long. Well fixing the makeup performance

4. It is also a good skin protector, protecting form any cosmetic hurting


1. Press the button 5-7 times in first time using.

2. Scrolling it on your face,you can control the cream by the button.

3. A nature moisturizing makeup is done!


1. Stored in a dry, dark place

2. Avoid contact with the wound

3. Any adverse reactions, stop using

4. Sensitive skin should test before using

Package Included:

1 * BIOAQUA Scrolling Cushion BB Cream

Note:This item needs you to press the button until the limit. Then shaking it hardly for the first time use.

It might takes some time to see the BB cream,but it is worthy you to do that!

Product information

Item name:light flawless scroll BB cream


Features:Light breathable Smoothing nutritious Moisturizer flawless

Super star bare makeup

Firm flawless makeup

Beautiful face

Smoothly change

Moisturizing light breathable

Extensively absorbing makeup ,long lasting!


BB cream

Cushion BB cream scroll to flawless skin

Cushion scrolling easy to wear

Concealer Brighten Moisturizer Hydrating Light Nutritious

Beautiful face

BB Bare makeup

Cover pores

BB cream

Thin concealer

Flawless light BB cream


Flawles bare skin

Pore-sponge,even the scream,make your makeup hydrating

Light natural makeup,long lasting

Pores sponge effect

Get out of perspective amidst beautiful skin

Scrolling the sponge head

Press the button

Light breathable

Skin hydrating

Natural flawless

Makeup moisturier

Flawless bare makeup

To see how they feel this

“really like, It’s too suitable for me!”

I often go out ,my face is easily out of oil. Recently, I tried to use this cream. It is so out of expectationbecause of fresh and breathable, natural and very comfortable experience. the effect is too amazing. I really like it !

“color of skin is very natural,I like !”

My face was coverd with freckles and my skin is not good. After using this cream ,I feel the concealer effect is awesome ! the color is so closed to the skin, the natural, not shiny. I can’t love it more !

The beauty show


1 Press the button,the first time when you use it, prss 5-7 times.

2 scroll lightly on the cheek.

3 natural and moisturizer

Product display

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