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Removing flaws Whitening finely

Radiation Free CC Cream


Name: Radiation Free CC Cream Net : 40g

Life time: 3 years


isolating, moisturizing&hydrating, nourishing& removing flaws, whitening

need good skin, here comes the CC cream

Care skin, improve uneven color

Reason to choose CC cream

Removing flaws Embellishing skin

radiation free CC cream

Make skin full of luster

Make your skin clearer and whiter

radiation free CC cream

CC cream for women

CC cream balance skin color, make good look.

Care skin mildly shape perfect look

Replenish water, keep long moisturizing

Arouse new energy

Create fresh& breathable fine CC cream

Fashion appearance is portable

Moisturizing natural color

CC cream is thin, easy to smear, enjoy your natural color, maintain beauty lastingly.

Fine& Natural Fresh& Breathable

Easy to use, fresh, keep luster in hot summer.

Mild Insensitive

Improve rough, dry skin, skin keep natural luster.

Improve skincare ability, Whitening

Skincare “ three-non” naked makeup

No oil, moisturizer replace traditional grease, turn into water.

No perfume, no pigment, harmless for skin.

No pressure, thin& breathable, skin is relaxing, natural naked makeup.

Removing flaws& Whitening

Even skin color, cover flaws, whitening.

Shape light naked makeup, can’t identify even close

Show your naked makeup

Enjoy delicate look of even color

Smear just a smear, cream turn into water, easy to smear.

Massage makeup, fresh drop

Pat pat gently, shape evenly naked makeup

Relive no-luster skin

Give you good skin, good mood

Care skin, with luster

01 lustrous 02 relieving skin

03 even skin color 04 tendering skin

Relieving skin Whitening

Close to skin, get rid of makeup

All skin beautiful when use

Improve no-luster skin, uneven color skin,

Shape natural skin color, with luster.

Dry skin Skin with patch Dark skin

Method of use

Step1 cleans skin and use toner, after absorption

Step2 smear CC cream on forehead, cheeks, nose etc, push away gently.

Step3 whitening after absorption, show skin luster and smooth.

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