Hik Multi-language V1.5.0 DS-KH8501-WT 10-inch Touch Indoor Monitor, IP doorbell, Video Intercom,wired doorbell,build-in WiFi


Mobile APP:Hik-Connect
VER: V1.5.0
Support Language:English, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish ;
It use IVMS-4200 ,The firmware is stable, please do not upgrade the firmware yourself.

DS-KH8501-A Integrated with 0.3 MP camera, many sets of indoor machine can video calls

Support and
When using multiple keys at the door of machine, also can communicate between indoor machine;
Hikvision can be connected to the same local area network cameras and video surveillance video images;
The door machine from indoor machine can be used alone, but only a credit card to open the door, when simple entrance guard controller is used, as well as access to the LAN hik in video recorder;
Indoor machine can be used alone out of the door machine, may receive alarm detector (gas detectors, smoke detectors, infrared detectors, emergency button, gate magnetism, etc.), when the alarm host, you can also preview LAN hik in the camera images.
Product synopsis:
DS-KH8501-A for 10 inch touch all indoor machine, toughened glass panels, silver frame, after the dermatoglyph shell, highlight the noble qualities. A variety of color, black and silver (black gold, platinum, silver optional). Interface flattening, information visualization with capacitive touch screen and touch key, make information within reach.
support visible interphone
support family video calls
support video monitoring
take message function
automatic reply and don’t disturb function
privacy protection
hardware noise suppression and echo cancellation, ensure the quality of voice clear and bright
hall function
alarm function (8 access road protection zones, SOS emergency)
community bulletin
Wifi access wireless network
engineering installation convenience (hangs Taiwan stents, flash configuration, SD card upgrade, cable power supply)
System parameters
High-performance embedded processor SOC processors
Operating system, embedded Linux operating system
Video parameters
30 w pixel cameras, CMOS, can switch
Video compression standard h. 264
1024 * 600 resolution
PAL: video frame rate of 25 frames per second, NTSC: 30 frames per second
Display parameters
7 inch TFT color LCD screen
1024 * 600 resolution
Operating mode capacitive touch screen, touch the keys
Interface flattening UI interface style, gorgeous atmosphere, easy to operate
Audio parameters
Built-in audio input all point to the microphone
Audio output built-in speakers
The audio compression standard g. 711 u
Audio compression bit rate of 64 KBPS
Sound quality support for noise suppression and echo cancellation
Network parameters
10 m / 100 m Ethernet adaptive
The network protocol TCP/IP, SNMP, SIP, RTSP
Wireless WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Alarm parameters
Alarm input 8-way protection zones
Device interface
So a RJ45 10 m / 100 m adaptive Ethernet front-end ports
RS485 2, RS485 half-duplex
IO output 2
32 gb SD card TF card, the biggest support
The work environment
Working temperature 10 – + 55(degree centigrade)
Working humidity 10% to 90%
The power consumption of 10 or less w
The power cable or DC12V power supply
The other parameters
Overall dimensions 260 mm * 180 mm * 22mm

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