LENOVO 1080P POE NVR Kit 2.0MP HD CCTV Security camera System Audio monitor IP Camera P2P Outdoor Video Surveillance System


Tips: 1080P POE monitoring system package will be tested one by one and then shipped, if there is any problem, please contact us, communication to solve the problem.

Tips: This connection NVR host supports up to 8 cameras.
this means
If you choose the 2CH POE NVR kit, in the future,you can purchase up to 6 cameras separately if you want.
If you choose the 7CH POE NVR kit, in the future,you can purchase up to 1 camera separately if you want.
(If you need to buy a camera separately, please contact us)
Working principle: The NVR host is connected to the power socket, and the NVR host and the camera are connected by a network cable, It is not necessary to separately plug in the power supply to the camera. The NVR transmits video data to the camera through the network cable and supplies power (the first use does not require a password, directly Click to confirm to enter the system);
(If you need to remotely view the surveillance video, the NVR host needs to be connected to a power outlet and NVR needs to connect to the network cable.)
Connection method: wired connection
Support motion detection, email alarm
Support night vision function
Support system: Android, IOS, windows
Monitor video resolution: 1920*1080
Video Compression Format: low bit-rate stream
Support audio recording
Support P2P
Storage method:
The standard configuration does not include the storage hard disk. You can choose it according to your needs or purchase it separately, The maximum support is 6T. Since the POE monitoring system package adopts the low bit-rate stream video compression format, it greatly saves storage space. one camera takes about 6G storage capacity per day,If you choose 2 cameras, the storage capacity required for one day is about 12G…… If you choose 8 cameras, the storage capacity required for one day is about 48G (the storage time will vary depending on the usage environment;)
After purchase, you will get a one-year warranty period, starting from the time you receive the package.
How to use the camera APP:
1. Download APP (APP name: joint horizon)
①Android, IOS scan two-dimensional code installation
②IOS APP store /Google Market search name is: joint horizon
(If you need PC to browse the surveillance video, please contact us and provide the email address, we will send the installation package directly to your email address)
2. Register with your mobile phone number/email address
3. Log in to the account, add the device ID, complete the installation settings (the first time you do not need to enter a password, click directly to enter the system)

audio recording
Sound recording function, monitoring is no longer just a picture
It is widely used in farm, parking lot, warehouse, office building, factory…
HD night vision
Multi-platform viewing surveillance video
Motion detection, email alarm
The NVR host is connected to the power supply. The camera and the NVR are connected by a network cable. The camera does not need to be connected to the power socket.
low bit-rate stream compression format, 1 camera only needs to occupy 6G storage capacity 1 day ,that is, 8CH takes up about 48G of memory 1 day.
LENOVO POE System max support 150 Meters POE cables transmission distancewhichgreatly increases home installation convenience
Actual effect display
If you encounter problems that you don’t understand during installation or use, please contact us and let the problem be solved.
Our working day is:
Beijing time 9:00 – 18:00
Holidays Irregular check messages
We will deal with your problems one by one, please rest assured. Due to the time difference, maybe we can’t check your message in time, but we will deal with it as soon as possible when we go to work. Thank you for your understanding.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Where is the device ID?
A: The device ID can be seen in the lower right corner of the monitor screen.
Q: What is the initial password for the 1080P POE Monitoring System Suite?
A: No password is required for new devices
Q: How to choose a storage hard disk
A: You can choose to purchase a hard disk or purchase it separately according to actual needs (1T≈931G)
Since the POE monitoring system package adopts the low bit-rate stream video compression format, the storage space is greatly saved. A camera takes about 6G storage capacity per day (8CH means 8 cameras, the storage capacity is about 48G per day, and the 1T hard disk stores about 18 days).
Q: How to use the 1080P POE monitoring system package on the PC side
A: You can contact us and provide an email address. We will send the PC client directly to your email address.
(PC browsing monitoring video, add device ID after login to view monitoring video)
Q: What should I pay attention to when setting up the mailbox?
A:1. in the mailbox setting, you need to open the SMTP service, and you need to get an authorized mailbox password
2. to fill in the name of the mailbox username in the NVR network setting, the password is required to use this authorization code
As long as the test is successful, you can receive mail
When setting up SMTP server to fill in smtp.livo.com is not successful
Change it to your Email address
For example, I set up smtp.qq.com
If you have questions that you don’t understand, please contact us for help! ! ! !
Reminder: Due to the different tariff policies of different countries, we are unable to inquire the specific information. The prices of all the products in the shop do not include the tariffs. If the tariffs are generated, the tariffs are borne by the buyers.If you need us to cooperate with relevant customs clearance materials, please contact us, Thank you for your support and cooperation.

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