Nbyaic Refillable Portable Travel Mini Refillable Conveniet Empty Atomizer Perfume Bottles Cosmetic Containers For Traveler P27


product description
Product Type: J003-5

Product capacity: 5ml

Product weight: 12.4g

Material: aluminum + plastic

Product color:Bright gold, gold, bright silver, silver, bright pink, pink, bright blue, blue, rose red, red, purple, black, green
Product Type: empty bottle

Logo printing LOGO: high temperature, low temperature, screen printing, bronzing India, labeling

Process: scrub, spray color, electroplating, printing

Product use: daily chemical packaging, personal care

Delivery time: Stock 3 days

Payment: Website, PayPal

Packing: bags / cartons

Shipping: Express / Logistics (for you to choose the right mode of transport)

Tips: products are mass production, it will inevitably have some defective products.
If the product quality problems, please communicate with us the first time, we will promptly resolve. Please do not malicious negative feedback, thank you.

we are Chinese manufacturers, a large number of product inventory, our company to the global development, all over the country have our business customers, if you are a wholesaler, please contact our customer service, we can give you very Beautiful price.

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