Original Xiaomi Earphone Mi Piston 3 Fresh Version In-Ear with Mic Wire Control for mobile phone xiaomi earphones headset 3.5mm


Original Xiaomi Earphone Mi Piston 3 Fresh Version In-Ear with Mic Wire Control for mobile phone xiaomi earphones headset


  • Dual dynamic + balanced armature drivers
  • Built-in microphone
  • Third generation balanced damping system
  • A large number of medical ear canal data, wearing more comfortable
  • 45° angled in-ear design, ergonomically designed for comfort
  • SImproved 3rd gen balanced damping
  • Aluminium alloy sound chamber carfted to precision


Why is there no sound or less sound on one side of my headphones?
Piston headphones are compatible with most Android phones, but not all. Receive a headset If there is no sound, try it on multiple devices.
For Android Devices support play, answer, For IOS, support play, answer, not support volume control.
Is the piston earphone I bought genuine?
We are the official authorized store of Xiaomi, t is xiaomi original headphones, don’t worry!
Product Details:
Original Mi Xiaomi Piston 3 Earphone In-Ear 3.5mm Colorful Earphone With Mic Fresh Youth Version Earphones Original
1. For Xiaomi Devices: Compatible with All xiaomi phones.
2. For Android Devices: Compatible with Most Android phones ( Not All), support play,answer.
3. For i/OS Devices:Compatible with i/os phones ,support play,answer, not support volume control.
Please kindly note:
When you received the package ,Please check with it, if there is something wrong with the quality 7days, we can accept to return and refund;If more than 7 days, please return it to us, we will help you repair it ,and then resend to you. After detecting, really have quality problem, we will undertake the shipping fees.


Sometimes, it will display web error/bad gate 520/validation failed when you scan the QR code. Please don’t worry. It may cause by Xiaomi server can’t identify oversea network IP.

Xiaomi HD-HIFI

Double Sound Unit,HD Stereo, Enjoy The Beauty Of Music

Headphone Internal Details

Dynamic coil + moving iron dual sound unit,Classic combination reproduces extraordinary.

High Polishing Process

The metal sound chamber of the iron ring earphones of the Xiaomi ring was used, and the end face high polishing process was added on the top and it was polished through five processes.

3D Button – HD MIC

The wire is made of tough TPE material + Smart Button Design + HD Microphone

Advanced graphite horn
The graphene composite diaphragm has light weight and high sound speed, and plays an important role in high-frequency ductility and richness of details.


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