SANNCE HD 1080P Fisheye IP Camera Wireless Wifi Mini Network Camara Night Vision IR Cut Home Security Camara Wi-Fi Baby Monitor


Product Description:

This wireless IP camera can be widely used for different purposes, such as taking care of the baby and the elderly, watching the dog, monitoring the shop and protecting your properties. Its extraordinary functions make it stand out from all the other wireless IP camera on the market, thus it definitely will be your best choice.

Main Features:

* 1080P FHD Panorama

* Ultra-Wide Angle Lens

* Two-Way Real-Time Voice Communication

* Local Storage and Cloud Storage Supported

* Advanced H.264 Coding Format and Dual Stream

* P2P Technology Supported for Real Plug-and-Play

* Simplified Steps for Wi-Fi Connection on APP

* Extraordinarily Clear Indoor Infrared Night Vision

* Motion Tracking and Alarm Function

2MP HD videos ease your stress over blurry faces

This high-definition camera makes sure that no blurriness could fool you, smooth and clear images reveal every tiny detail.

180 degree fish eye HD camera

The camera takes a 2.5mm 180 degree fish eye lens to take care of the blind spots and achieve real-time monitoring without dead ends.

Incredible infrared night vision

The camera has 2pcs IR LEDs to give monitoring at night of up to 5m and it switches on itself when the light dims the sun sets to provide a 24/7 continuous surveillance.

Support cloud storage and local storage

You have 1-MONTH free trial of the dedicated cloud storage for safer and easier access to the footage from anywhere, whilst a max 128GB local storage gives reassurance at occurs of network breaks.

Check In on Loved Ones from Anywhere

P2P makes for easier remote access on smartphone, tablet and PC. You can check in on your home and loved ones whether you’re sitting in the office busy working or soaking up the sun on a beach 1000 miles away.

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